Model Kit Type Kit P/N Notes
500 Aft Baggage Kit KA500101-1K 1
500 Aft Baggage Kit (with ceiling step between Sections B & C) KA500101-1K-700 1
500 Aft Tube Extension Kit (optional) KA500105-1 5, 6
500 Aft Baggage Adapt Kit KA500/501 ADAPT 1, 2
501 Aft Baggage Kit KA500101-1K 2
501 Aft Baggage Kit (with ceiling step between Sections B & C) KA500101-1K-700 3
501 Aft Tube Extension Kit (optional) KA500105-1 5, 6
501 Aft Baggage Adapt Kit KA500/501 ADAPT 4


1 On Cessna Citation 500, generally S/Ns 500-001 through -0302, & Model 501 aircraft that have been re-rated from early S/N Model 500, a hydraulic line may loop down into the Aft Baggage Kit required area. The customer must either order their own replacement fittings & tubing or use the Hydraulic Line Move Package (List $400/Dealer $350). The HLM Package installation requires the customer to have flaring tools.
2 Citation I aircraft with the A.C. system compressor located in the tailcone may require additional parts, including P/N 82-02-416-3 Plastic Collar (List $350/Dealer $300), P/N C30011-1A Plenum Collar (List $350/Dealer $300) & Plenum Cover (List $100/Dealer $75) & Plenum Baffle (List $100/Dealer $75) fabricated from 0.040 ALCLAD Aluminum, & a 6-ft section of CAT-32 Ducting (List $250/Dealer $200).
3 Citation I aircraft with the Williams Engine Mod S.T.C. No. STO9559AC require this kit, KA500101-1K-700, instead of kit KA500101-1K for clearance of the additional tailcone equipment.
4 This kit only replaces those parts required to "adapt" the kit KA500101-1K to the kit KA500101-1K-700 for those aircraft with our previously installed Aft Baggage Kit that require the adaption to allow for clearance of the Williams Engine Mod. S.T.C. No. STO9559AC installation.
5 This kit is an Optional Supplement to Kit KA500101-1K or Kit KA500101-1K-700. It may not be installed unless our Aft Baggage Kit is also installed or has been previously installed.
6 Accessories & radios that require relocation will involve more labor & more cost.

Evaluating Kit Requirements for Your Citation I Model Aircraft

  • Citation Models 500/501: Aft Baggage Kits KA500101-1K, KA500101-1K-700, KA500/501 ADAPT & Optional Aft Tube Kit KA500105-1
  • The normal Citation I would require Kit KA500101-1K.
  • If the aircraft has had the Williams Engine FJ44 modification installed, the Kit KA500101-1K-700 would be required. If the aircraft already has our Kit KA500101-1K installed and the Williams Engine Mod. is being added, then the Kit KA500/501 ADAPT would be required to adapt the Aft Baggage Kit.
  • If the aircraft has an A.C. compressor located in the tailcone, the compressor may have to be raised or relocated, re-positioned and re-ducted before the full kit can be installed.
  • If the aircraft has a hydraulic line that droops into the upper baggage kit area (normally S/Ns 500-0001 through 500-0302), the line and fittings must be replaced or modified to match the flat profile on aircrafts of later serial numbers before Kit KA500101-1K may be installed.
  • If grospoint liner material is desired, then the customer must stipulate it upon order.
  • If grospoint material other than our normal Marion P/Ns UPGR01 Light Gray or UPGR24 Wood is desired, advance payment for additional material & freight may be required.
  • If the kits are shipped out-of-country, FAA Form 8130-3 inspection, paperwork, and expenses will also be required.